Patient Registry

Web Based Patient Registry Software... Enables Powerful Research and Information Management - FASTER Than Ever Before!


The cost to run a patient registry study or  program can be very high.  Today's technology has created an environment where pharmaceutical and healthcare organizations can rapidly collect data and "zero-in" on what's working and what's not - faster and at less of a cost than ever before.

Leveraging a patient registry software tool can help to:

  • improve time to ramp up
  • lower training and implementation costs
  • lower ongoing training and support costs
  • manage regulatory concerns (FDA, HIPAA)
  • manage costs / physician compensation who participate in studies
  • lower cost to develop final data tables with analysis


Patient registry software helps to answer these important questions...


Other benefits include innovative uses, the expertise and dedication of the team behind the patient registry software system, as well as these critical factors:

Please spend some time walking through the other pages of our website.  You can learn about some of the other applications and uses for a patient registry solution. 

If you're just getting started and are not sure where to begin... consider grabbing a copy of "The Patient Registry Manifesto" - a detailed blueprint that walks through the benefits of a registry and covers 20 top questions to answer that are critical to your planning stages.  You can grab a copy here.