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Expertly collect data

on a patient population quickly

Could this be the most powerful and easiest to use patient registry software in medicine today?

ClinicalPURSUIT Patient Registry Software can capture data and build a registry for hundreds or even thousands of patients. Hospitals and pharmaceutical companies use ClinicalPURSUIT to easily and efficiently collect data on groups of patients who are in clinical studies …taking a new drug … using a new medical device … have a particular diagnosis or condition … or are having a specific or breakthrough procedure.

Collect Data Securely and Only What You Need!

HIPAA-compliant, ClinicalPURSUIT patient registry software is web-based and custom tailored to follow your workflow. As a result, it helps you expertly collect data on a patient population quickly and more accurately. So you get results you can rely on that much faster.

See Trends & Outcomes and Understand Impact in Real-Time.

The software enables you to rapidly gather retrospective data from multiple centers. You can easily see how your data is trending, outcome improvements, impact of combination therapy, and any adverse events. A custom solution and service - we do the work, so you don't have to!

“If you are looking for a streamlined approach to organized, secure and HIPAA compliant high-volume data collection...GVT's registry program is at the vanguard. One of the biggest benefits I see is that they can create and build a "specific" application that is tailored to an organization's exact needs and objectives.”

- Tom McLaughlin, President, Optimum Health Care

We’ll Convert Your CRF

Your time is important. We know you are busy! That’s why our platform allows us to expertly convert your existing clinical, assessment & lab forms – into electronic report forms, as part of our process.

Send us your forms today and we'll implement them into your registry, ready to go with workflow, skip logic, hidden fields and security.